Two Roles, One Room: When You’re a Parent and a Play Therapist

Being a parent and a play therapist has both benefits and drawbacks. While parenthood can offer added insight, having kids doesn’t translate into having all the answers inside the playroom. Why? Because like children, no two parents are exactly alike.

1:07 Lisa introduces the Lessons from the Playroom Podcast Series

2:33 Why is there an assumption that it is better to be a parent?

3:17 Being a parent is not necessarily better or worse when it comes to your practice

4:37 What are the benefits?

5:16 What are the drawbacks?

6:30 How do boundaries look in this situation?

6:45 We all parent something in our lives

7:40 No two parents have the same experience

8:58 Acknowledging that someone’s experience is not your experience

9:37 Recognizing your own bias and remaining objective

10:23 Studying multiple modalities of parenthood

11:31 How can we keep from expecting people to parent the way we do?

12:35 Don’t expect your child not to struggle just because you’re a play therapist

14:30 Sometimes, children need support that their mom and dad can’t give them

16:00 Lisa shares a personal experience

20:50 How can you embrace your humanness?

21:38 Being an external regulator

23:00 You are the most important toy in the playroom and in your home