What Our Playroom Says About Us

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Did you know that your playroom is a reflection of you?  What you put in it and how you set it up is information to the child about where you are willing to go emotionally and what is happening in your own nervous system!  Join Lisa as she discusses what your playroom says about you and explores some of the most essential toys to have in it and ideas about how to set it up.

1:08 Does the room size really matter?

3:00 What is important to have in the room? What do the toys in the room say about where the therapist is willing to go in the play?

4:58  Understanding how the room itself reflects the dys-regulated states of the therapist’s nervous system

6:50 Does the room contribute to the child’s regulation? and if not, understanding how to make it a room that feels more regulated

8:30 What are the essential toys to have in the playroom?

11:30 Understanding how to make sure that the toys address all emotional ages

12:28 Is it important to have aggressive toys in the room?

14:25 Is having a wet sand tray important?

15:40 Understanding how to create a portable play room

16:20 Understanding the significance of how the room is set up and the impact that it has on the child

18:40 Ideas for rooms where the toys have to be in cabinets and bins

20:15 Is the room attractive to a variety of ages of children?

21:00 Review of the key points for understanding what the room says about the therapist