In this episode, the tables are turned and the lovely Jackie Flynn, host of the Play Therapy Community Podcast/Facebook group and the Neuroscience of Play Therapy Summits, interviews Lisa about how play therapy and being a play therapist has become a spiritual practice for her over the years. 

Join Lisa and Jackie as they talk about:

  • What spiritual practice means and how doing our own “work” as a therapist can become a spiritual practice;
  • How the playroom is a giant “meditation cushion” for therapists to grow within themselves as human beings; 
  • How to hold a larger perspective as a therapist and engage in a deeply self-reflective practice as a way of supporting the client in their own reflective awareness and healing journey; 
  • How the moment itself has everything we need in order to navigate whatever is arising in the client’s therapeutic work – Nothing is missing.
  • The Synergetic Play Therapy concept of “One Foot In/One Foot Out” and how this is a contemplative practice in action in the playroom; and
  • How being authentically with ourselves as therapists can support us in truly helping our clients in the most profound ways possible. 

In this episode, you’ll also hear how Lisa’s very first play therapy session revealed to her, not only how to help children in their healing journey, but how to experience the playroom as a place of curiosity for what needs to be developed and worked within herself so that she could continue to develop herself as a therapist. 

A message from Lisa to all of her listeners – Give yourself permission to find safe places and connections that allow you to look inward; get curious about what parts of you are showing up in the playroom that are asking you to be in relationship with them; and a deeper invitation to be with the parts of yourself that are emerging – because as you know, you are the most important toy in the playroom.

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