Lisa has another really special guest joining her … Dr. Cathy Malchiodi is the Founder & Director of the Trauma Informed Practices and Expressive Arts Therapy Institute. She has done countless presentations around the world and written some amazing books, one that she wrote several years ago is still one of Lisa’s all time favorite books – Understanding Children’s Drawings.

Cathy is one of the pioneers in Expressive Arts Therapy. In this episode, you’ll learn what Expressive Arts Therapy is and the importance of “rhythmic synchronization” and “action-oriented” interventions to support clients in sensory integration and trauma healing. You’ll also be introduced to a new way to conceptualize the client’s “Window of Tolerance” that is more about expanding the client’s capacity for trauma integration and playfulness.  

Join a grounding conversation that will take you beyond the use of specific techniques to support your clients in reclaiming and expanding their capacity for full expression of their authentic self.  

“Trauma reduces our capacity for expression through movement, sound, enactment, image making, and play. Our job is to help people reclaim that capacity — to manifest a full range of restorative expression and reparative playfulness.” – Cathy Malchiodi, PhD from Handbook of Expressive Arts Therapy

*Cathy Malchiodi is the Executive Director of the Trauma-Informed Practices and Expressive Arts Therapy Institute. She works as a consultant to the Department of Defense and an investigator on a five-year grant with the US Department of Education, integrating trauma-informed expressive arts into classrooms. A popular presenter and workshop leader, she has given over 700 keynotes and workshops (…pretty much you name the country and Cathy has probably been there to present in some capacity). She has authored 20 books including her most recent, “Handbook of Expressive Arts Therapy.” You’ll find a sample chapter by clicking the book title for free!

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