Another pioneer in the field of play therapy joins Lisa for this next episode. Lisa is super excited to be joined by Dr. Risë VanFleet (learn about her amazing background below*) for a conversation about Filial Therapy and how parents and caregivers can become a change agent for their child.

Join Risë and Lisa in this insightful discussion that will enhance your child client’s therapy experience through their relationship with their parent/caregiver and deepen your commitment to the model.

You’ll also hear how Risë entered the field of play therapy and learn …

  • The history of Filial Therapy and the theoretical elements that make the model successful;
  • How Filial Therapy is a psychoeducational model (vs. a medical model)
  • The 7 key aspects that make up Filial Therapy and create the elegance of the model;
  • How parents/caregivers become the primary change agent for their child; and
  • How to combine Filial Therapy with other therapeutic interventions.

*Dr. Risë VanFleet is a Licensed Psychologist (PA), Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor and specializes in Animal Assisted Play Therapy™, Filial Therapy, play therapy, chronic medical illness in families, disaster mental health, complex trauma and attachment issues, as well as animal welfare and behavior.  She’s also the President of the Family Enhancement & Play Therapy Center, Inc., in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania, an organization specializing in the training and supervision of child, family, and play therapy professionals. She is the founder and president of the International Institute for Animal Assisted Play Therapy®.

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