If you’ve ever studied with Lisa, you know she loves talking about the nervous system. And in this episode, she’s going to talk about the collective nervous systems within families and how to help support the regulation of the family system.

If you’re just as excited about this topic as Lisa, you’ll definitely want to take notes for this one … 

Here’s what you’ll hear …

  • How nervous system expressions occur within the context of families;
  • How all behavior (even what we term as dysfunctional) is actually functional and has a purpose;
  • How the family system is always in balance and how it is always attempting to equilibrate itself;
  • How to become the external regulator to help regulate the family nervous system; and
  • How to use this information clinically to inform your therapeutic work.

Plus, learn a powerful tip that will help you shift the collective nervous system of the family unit in a most transformative way.

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