Join Lisa for a discussion to explore three different types of relationships that come into play when working with parents/caregivers … What you’re about to hear will transform your work with parents/caregivers to create a more conscious relationship that honors both you as the therapist and the parents you work with. 

In this episode, you’ll learn ….

  • The three different types of relationships (… they can actually extend beyond the playroom to any and all relationships);
  • How these different types of relationships play out in the dynamic with parents/caregivers; 
  • Why we sometimes experience challenging relationships when working with parents/caregivers; and
  • How to develop and create a space that allows parents/caregivers to show up as themselves and explore who they are with us.

Listen and also find out how these different types of relationships potentially impact your nervous system and what you can do to stay connected to yourself so that you can honor both yours and the parent’s/caregiver’s unique rhythms and needs.

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