In this episode, Lisa is joined by Tammy Schamuhn, the Co-Founder and Director of the Institute of Child Psychology and host of the Child Psych podcast. Together, they delve into the essential topic of identifying the roadblocks that sometimes get in a parent/caregiver’s way of fully supporting their child’s therapy and healing process. 

Tammy, an unwavering advocate for parents, shares insights from her experience, discussing the challenges parents face and the importance of involving them in the therapeutic journey. With a co-authored parenting handbook set to release in the upcoming year, Tammy speaks to the complexities of parenting and the need to engage and support parents/caregivers in the child’s therapy process. 

Discover more about:

  • The reasons therapists may hesitate to directly engage with parents/caregivers when the child is the focal point of treatment.
  • The struggles parents/caregivers face, especially in dealing with shame.
  • Strategies to align with parents/caregivers, fostering holistic support for the child’s healing journey.
  • Roadblocks for parents/caregivers in fully supporting their child’s therapy process, ranging from internal beliefs and unresolved childhood wounds to societal expectations and environmental influences.
  • The key to empowering parents/caregivers to be co-regulators for their child (… Hint: It involves developing sometimes new templates).
  • Helping parents/caregivers in uncoupling their projections to gain a holistic perspective of their child’s challenges.
  • The pivotal role parents/caregivers play in a child’s therapy process and how empowering them enhances the child’s healing journey.

Don’t miss this enlightening episode, serving as a poignant reminder to prioritize parents/caregivers in the therapeutic equation. Explore the roadblocks parents/caregivers face and discover how to support them in becoming agents of healing for their children. 

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