Here’s a little reframe on anxiety that you can share with your clients …

We know that anxiety is a common and natural response to perceived threats or challenges in our environment. It’s a future-based assumption that arises when we believe that something potentially dangerous or unsafe might happen, and our innate survival mechanisms kick in.

When you experience anxiety, there’s a part of you that is working hard to ensure that you’re safe … to make sure that you don’t encounter the challenge … or that you’ll be ok in the challenge. It’s the part of you that’s trained to keep you alert. 

I have yet to meet a person who says they love the experience of anxiety or that it’s a feeling in their body that they thoroughly enjoy.  Maybe someone does love it, but for many, it’s actually a feeling that brings with it internal turmoil and conflict.

But here’s the thing …. The simple fact that you’re even experiencing anxiety in the first place means that there’s a part of you that thinks you’re really important  … that you’re really worth it … and thinks that you deserve to stay on this planet!

So, next time when you’re caught in the grip of anxiety and you hear yourself kick into, “Oh my gosh, I’m anxious. Stop it. Knock it off!”, acknowledge the part of you that really, really believes in you and that really, really thinks you’re important. 

Maybe it’s a pause, a hand on the heart, a breath, or even a simple “thank you” to the part of you that loves you so much and is working diligently to ensure your safety. 

Try this approach with your clients and observe the impact it can have for them. It’s a reminder that we are worthy, important, and deserving of the love and care we often forget to give ourselves.

Much love on the journey!

Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S

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