By Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S
To this day, I still remember a conversation I had with my daughter some years ago. We were on our way to basketball camp and Avery initiated this heart opening conversation.
Avery: Mom, did you have to be uncomfortable to become who you are?
Mom: What an interesting question! Tell me more about what you mean.
Avery: You are such a great person. I am guessing that you had to step outside your comfort zone to do all the things you have done and become who you’ve wanted to be.
Mom: Avery, one of the secrets to life and accelerating your growth is to live on the edge of your comfort zone. So yes, I have chosen to be uncomfortable often in order to grow.
Avery: Mom, isn’t it scary to do that?
Mom: It’s actually terrifying sometimes, but I’ve learned that my fears are only in my mind and when I face them, magical things happen. I learn that I am stronger, more capable, wiser and more creative than I once believed. This gives me permission to take chances and dream big dreams.
Avery: I love you, mom. I want to face my fears too.
Mom: I love you too. Go after the big ones kiddo. I’ve got your back.
And I’ve got your back too!
As you continue on your journey as a therapist, and find your authentic you in the playroom, know I’m here. Take chances and dream big dreams. Because you’re worth it!
Much love on the journey!