By Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S

There it is again …. That big feeling. The one that feels so uncomfortable, so painful, so raw. 

… The one that can leave you breathless, maybe takes you to your knees, grips you so tight inside that you feel you can’t get away from it. 😔

For some it seems to come out of nowhere. For others it’s like it moved in and took a seat and refuses to leave.

Maybe it’s deep sadness, rejection, loneliness, fear, anger, overwhelm… whatever it is, stop running.

✨ Let it in.  

Open the door and welcome it. Invite it to sit with you, maybe offer it a cup of tea… most important, tell it you are listening. 

Tell it that you aren’t going to run and that you’ll stay and hear what it is that it needs to tell you.

Breathe with it. Hold it – rock it in your arms if you must. 💗

Yes, it’s scary. 

Yes, you may not like what it tells you. 

Yes, it’s uncomfortable. 

But it needs you! … It needs you to listen. It needs you to be there. It knows that if you don’t, you won’t grow. 🌱

That’s why it’s so loud. That’s why it’s so uncomfortable. It knows that your answers are hidden right there, and you can’t access them unless you’re listening.

So, gather up your courage to stop running. Stop distracting yourself. Stop making excuses and avoiding and just feel. Let it in as big as you can. A little at a time is ok.

You can do it! 💕 Yes you can. Go say hello … I’m breathing with you.

Much love on the journey 💜

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