Lessons from the Playroom
Podcast Ep. 158

Join Lisa Dion for a discussion on a topic that has been requested more than once since the beginning of this podcast, and it’s something we all experience (Yes … therapists, parents, children … all human beings on this planet!) …. We’re diving into the intriguing topic of negative self-talk and why we actually can’t get rid of it (… no matter how many positive self-affirmations we say to ourselves).  

Through a compelling exploration of the multifaceted dimensions of negative self-talk, discover the brilliant purpose of negative self-talk. Here’s what you’ll hear in this episode: 

  • How negative self-talk emerges (hint: It involves thoughts like “I should,” “I shouldn’t,” “I need to,” “I have to,” and “I’m not good enough”).
  • The limitations of the positive thinking movement and why we actually can’t get rid of negative self-talk.
  • The function of negative self-talk (…it’s likely not what you think).
  • The neuroscience behind negative self-talk and how it’s a homeostatic mechanism in the mind that is actually trying to support you (… what?!).
  • A shift in our understanding of depression and when we or someone else is experiencing high levels of negative self-talk.
  • What actually helps us quiet negative self-talk (…again, probably not what you’re thinking).
  • How to come to a place of honoring yourself, your choices, and your unique way of moving through the world, while recognizing the valuable role of negative self-talk

Tune in to this perspective-shifting episode and gain valuable insights into understanding and utilizing negative self-talk as a tool for growth and congruence. You’ll also come to recognize that, in the journey toward authenticity, negative self-talk can be your ally rather than your adversary, helping you navigate the complexities of life with wisdom and deep self-appreciation 💕

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