Twins may be nature’s 2-for-1 deal, but being a twin (or having twins) comes with unique challenges not always experienced by singletons. From separation anxiety to individuality, join Lisa Dion (who is a fraternal twin) and Susan Stutzman (a mother of identical twins) as they discuss these marvelous multiples.

1:21 Lisa introduces the LFPR series and Susan Stutzman

3:39 Fraternal versus identical twins

4:30 How do identical twins happen?

6:20 Identical twins share the same nervous system for the first eight days

8:20 Fraternal twins conceived at different times

10:00 How do fraternal twins happen?

11:00 Identity in a twin

11:50 Bonding in twins

12:30 Referring to twins as “The Twins”

13:50 Dealings with feelings of difference

14:42 Dominance in twins

15:44 Working with twins

16:30 Trauma bond in twins

18:50 Working with twins separately

20:21 Why is it important not to rely on preconceived ideas?

21:25 Viewing twins through an attachment lens

23:05 How do we support parents of twins?

24:00 Dressing twins alike

25:30 How does having twins change your perspective as a parent?

27:00 Guilt in parents

29:50 Twins as co-regulators

31:00 The need for an experiential method

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