Rupture and Repair in Play Therapy

Rupture, repair, repeat – it’s a recipe for relationship. Whether that relationship is with your client or with yourself, misattunement is an unavoidable but necessary occurrence. It provides the foundation of trust, opening the doors to true healing.

1:31 Lisa introduces podcast series and discusses Lessons from Playroom Membership

2:15 The relevance of rupture and repair in all relationships

3:15 What is misattunement?

5:00 What does rupture look like?

5:30 Rupture can be small or it can be big

6:35 Attunement starts with rupture happening inside of us

7:00 Humans are designed to be part of a social structure

8:21 How often are we truly attuned?

9:00 Rupture and repair is one of the most vital parts of the human experience

9:35 Repair builds trust

10:14 Reattuning and reattaching to self

11:59 How does misattunement with another person feel?

13:00 We are fixated on getting it right 100% of the time, a setup for failure

14:59 How can you repair a rupture?

16:16 How do we come back into relationship?

17:15 The danger in over-apologizing

18:00 Misattunement is not a mistake

18:54 Misattunement and the unknown

19:30 Rupture and repair soothes the brain