Play therapy is an evolving field with new ideas around every corner. And each theory – new and old – has something to offer. Seeking knowledge improves your practice and benefits your clients (and yourself). As play therapists, it is important to embrace the idea that growth really never ends. The moment we believe we have figured it out is precisely the moment that we stop growing.

:58 Lisa provides an overview of the Lessons from the Playroom series

2:23 Why is it important to get yourself in a position where you’re exposing yourself to as many modalities as possible?

3:45 No model of play therapy fits every single child

3;55 Every model has something to offer

4:20 If we are only trained in one model, we limit who we can help

5:00 Lisa discusses various models

5:30 Fill your toolbox with different ideas and concepts

5:55 Your primary model must be a model congruent with your philosophy

6:38 We initially learn modalities based on professors or the area where we live

7:30 Reaching a point where you become the model

7:54 Take the time to learn as many theories as possible

8:52 The modalities must feel like you

9:10 Synergetic Play Therapy students are asked to identify what is missing in SPT because every model is incomplete

11:00 New models keep the field moving forward

11:15 Ask yourself: “What can I learn that’s different from what I already know?”

12:30 New knowledge is beneficial to you and your clients

14:33 Step out of the box! Give yourself permission to grow!

15:00 Every course has a nugget of wisdom

16:21 Lisa presents a challenge: How many models can you expose yourself to?

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