There are so many ways to use sand in a play therapy session, but have you ever considered turning your sand tray into a regulation device? The key to this is the right tools. So, shift towards the sifter and explore the many ways sand helps tell us all about the state of the nervous system.

1:05 Lisa provides an overview of the Lessons from the Playroom series

1:45 There are many ways to use sand

2:20 Using the sand tray to repattern the nervous system

3:00 What supplies are needed?

4:20 Exploring different trays to see what works best for you

5:04 The sand must sift and flow

5:20 How does energy simulation show up in sand play?

6:30 Giving children options

7:00 How does sand help kids get in touch with their semantic selves?

7:59 Lisa discusses using tools to simulate the flow of energy through the body

9:15 Hyperarousal in the sand tray

10:28 How does dysregulation show up?

11:44 Using sand as a mindfulness experience

13:20 How can we use sand for a felt sense through our own bodies?

14:18 Fine tuning our own sensations

16:00 Using sand for insight

17:16 The importance of trying different ways to use sand

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