Hygiene Issues in Play Therapy

Little kids aren’t known for hygiene and inside the playroom is no different. However, a noticeable lack of hygiene may be the sign of something bigger. A child regressing in emotional age or reliving past trauma may engage in unsanitary behavior. When this happens, it’s important that we leave shame at the door.

1:15 Lisa shares a story from the Houston airport

3:48 Hygiene is not a black and white issue

4:27 Gas is predominantly featured in play therapy

5:10 How do hygiene issues present themselves?

5:25 Emotional regression in the playroom – Why is an understanding of child development so important?

6:30 Researching social emotional development by age

7:00 Children entering the playroom may regress back to the age of their challenge or trauma; This regression can show up through hygiene

7:30 Potty talk as a sign of regression

8:20 Attuning to the emotional age

10:30 Lisa shares a story from a past case

13:19 Hygiene difficulties may be associated with a trauma memory and lack of hygiene may be a comfort to the child

14:07 How might sexual abuse show up in the playroom?

14:30 The importance of not shaming

16:00 A lack of hygiene may not be noticed by a child, a sign that they’re disconnected from their body

17:00 How do we facilitate body awareness?

18:30 Hygiene in the playroom can be very misunderstood