Sensory Processing Disorder in the Playroom

Sensory Processing Disorder is a misunderstood challenge that can show up in the playroom in a variety of ways. Often, recognizing the issue is the first step in helping the client. The second, of course, is showing these children how to regulate.

1:30 Sensory Processing Disorder is a misunderstood topic and something more common than most people realize

3:50 It’s not that children with SPD don’t want to regulate; it’s that they can’t

4:00 SPD is also known as Sensory Integration Dysfunction

4:59 Every one of our senses has its own window of tolerance

6:50 SPD is an umbrella term that covers a variety of struggles

7:15 Why is it so difficult for these children to learn and follow directions?

8:50 What are the different categories of SPD?

9:30 How do sensory modulation problems present?

11:00 How does an over-responsive child react to stimulation?

12:30 SPD children may be gifted in certain areas

14:00 How does an under-responsive child react to stimulation?

17:00 What is a sensory craver?

19:30 What are sensory discrimination problems?

22:00 What are sensory-based motor problems?

23:11 Many kids with SPD are misdiagnosed

24:30 SPD may be organic or born from trauma

26:01 The importance of working with an occupational therapist

26:59 The Out of Sync Child