In this episode, Lisa is joined by another special therapist – a gem 💖 in the play therapy field (and he’s also a poet😉) … Marshall Lyles joins Lisa in a discussion that brings new thought, new life, and new excitement to processes and things you may have heard about for years.

Join Lisa and Marshall in conversation about …

* The use of Sandtray therapy in healing attachment and trauma;

* How attachment styles present for clients (and yourself) in the sandtray;

* How to go deeply within yourself through the “sandtray mirror;”

* Ways to navigate your own inner landscape and cultivate a “reflective practice;” and

* How to further develop yourself as a play therapist through the modalities that you practice.

As a bonus, Marshall also shares his poem, Digging Deeper that he recently shared in the book, Advanced Sandtray Therapy.

“When we trust ourselves to show up in the [sandtray] worlds we create, our internal working model gets revealed to us. We get to come back to making deeper and deeper insight connections into how we were formed, and all the things we were taught were true get to be re-evaluated. Our identity is no longer automatically decided.” – Marshall Lyles

Marshall Lyles, LPC-S, LMFT-S, RPT-S, lives in the Austin, Texas, area and has 20 years of practice in family and play therapy. Drawing on lessons learned from working with attachment trauma in a variety of mental health settings, Marshall regularly teaches on trauma, expressive therapies, and attachment-informed family work around the globe. He’s published in professional journals and magazines in addition to contributing to several books including recently co-authoring the book Advanced Sandtray Therapy (released in September 2021).

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