Going Below- Why Getting Underneath is the Key to Healing

Play therapists often focus on protocol, technique, and, of course, toys. But what’s below all this? Engaging the right-brain and allowing yourself to feel are the keys to helping your clients inside and outside of the playroom.


:55 Lisa gives an overview of the Lessons from the Playroom webinar series

1:20 What does getting under mean and how does it facilitate the healing process?

3:33 Why does it limit us when we get caught up in the meaning of toys?

4:25 It’s not the doll or ball that heals; the toy only acts as a conduit

5:00 How can we go “under” the toys?

5:30 When a child throws something at the wall, what is happening under the play?

6:20 Analyzing play is a safe process but what happens when we allow ourselves to feel?

7:04 Experiencing a situation as a child experiences it

7:50 The story is just a story

8:23 What’s the somatic activation that’s locking the story into place?

9:20 How does attaching meaning to experience create patterns and sensations within the body?

10:20 Why is working with implicit memory important?

11:18 What is the clinician’s story in the playroom?

12:12 Protocol is just protocol – therapists must bring it to life

13:33 The work is underneath – it’s in the feelings

14:44 You will never know what a moment requires until that moment arises

15:24 If you’re caught up in the protocol, you’ll miss what’s underneath

15:50 You must be willing to feel and be open

16:00 Why are you caught up in technique?

17:00 How can we feel what a moment is trying to reveal to us? Why is this important?

18:15 How does left brain only limit us?

19:48 Can we find a place to just be?

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