9 Elements to an Effective Teacher Conference

Teachers and play therapists make a powerful pair, but this starts with an initial conference. How can clinicians assure this meeting goes well, putting themselves in a position where they’re viewed as an ally rather than a threat? Success involves nine elements and lots of validation.

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:57 Lisa introduces LFPR series

1:26 What does it take to have a really effective teacher conference?

2:05 This involves nine elements

2:29 How does mindset play a role?

3:21 Element 1: “No one cares how much I know until they know how much I care.”

4:03 Coming towards a teacher energetically

5:06 How do you prove that you care?

5:27 Listening is essential

6:34 Let them know “I hear you. I see you.”

6:45 Element 2: How would you handle this interaction if the other person were your very best friend?

7:39 Writing this down as a reminder in case things get heated

8:57 Element 3: The first few interactions can help determine the success

9:55 The importance of regulation

11:11 How can you put yourself in a position where you are grounded? How can you avoid being perceived as a threat?

11:38 Relying on neurobiology

12:58 Lisa references past podcasts: Intakes with the Brain in Mind, Engaging Dads in the Play Therapy Process, Helping Parents Explain to their Child Why They are Going to Play Therapy

14:44 Element 4: The teacher will always know something about the child that you don’t

16:19 Putting together what you see and what the teacher sees to form the whole picture

16:39 Element 5: No one will listen to you until you prove that you understand their feelings about the situation

17:42 Making suggestions without any conversation sets yourself up for failure

18:00 You must understand the teacher’s perspective to be effective

19:04 When you offer a suggestion, follow up by asking what the teacher thinks

20:08 Element 6: Moving the teacher from the emotional state to the thinking state

20:50 What’s the importance of brainstorming and getting creative?

21:58 Element 7: How do you handle disagreements?

22:15 Going with the tension

23:13 Validation is extremely important

25:59 Element 8: Your behavior can lock the teacher into a pattern of thinking or acting

26:50 Activation of the nervous system

27:20 Why is regulating yourself so vital?

27:33 Element 9: Effective conferences are always based on planning

27:50 Writing down the key steps and organizing your thoughts

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