Using Bop Bags in the Playroom

Bop bags in the playroom are a controversial toy. But do they promote aggression and anger? Or can they be used to promote integration, self-awareness, and regulation? The answer: it depends on how you use them.

:57 Lisa introduces LFPR series

1:26 Some people are against bop bags in the playroom

2:50 How should we handle aggression in the playroom?

3:39 How is the bop bag being used? Is it therapeutic?

4:31 Does the bop bag allow for integration and a therapeutic experience?

5:00 What is catharsis?

5:30 “Get the mad out” – is it right or wrong?

6:30 Is the child connected to themselves while they’re engaged?

7:15 How can we support the child in learning about themselves and having self-awareness?

8:19 The bop bag isn’t only used for aggression

9:00 Children may use the bop bag to regulate

9:30 The bop bag, like every other toy, will become what the child needs it to be

10:33 Referring to the bop bag as “it”

11:15 It’s not important for you to know what the bop bag represents; it’s just important for you to facilitate the process

12:00 What felt sense is underneath the bop bag?

12:22 Lisa outlines reflections to help the child become aware of what they’re doing

13:33 Voicing the bop bag

14:33 Acting as the observer

15:33 Voicing observations of the bop bag itself

16:00 Voicing observations of the child’s intention

17:40 Avoiding observations that encourage aggression (i.e., “you’re so strong,” “get him again”)

20:21 Children will amp up the play until the therapist names it

20:50 The importance of congruence and authenticity

22:15 Episode 5: When and Why to Set Boundaries in the Playroom

23:00 Bop bags may be helpful in directing intensity away from you

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