Early Termination in the Playroom

Early termination happens for a handful of reasons. Sometimes, we can’t change this. But shifting our perspective helps us look at terminations through another view, trusting ourselves and the child in the process.

:57 Lisa introduces LFPR series

1:27 Call for topics

2:31 Why does early termination happen?

3:30 Logistics, parents, or the therapist feeling stuck can contribute to this

5:33 How can we keep parents engaged and help children feel more comfortable

6:00 Episode 13: Setting Great Goals in the Playroom

9:15 Episode 12: When a Child Says They’re Done in the Session 

10:20 The need for an external regulator

11:30 Taking sessions outside of the room

12:37 Treating every session like its own session

13:15 Taking a treasure home

15:36 Helping parents see signs of empowerment

16:33 Episode 3: How to Recognize Empowerment in the Playroom

17:06 How can you find gratitude?

20:12 Episode 9: The Importance of Gratitude in the Playroom 

21:00 Looking at early termination from a different perspective

21:50 Play therapy isn’t the only thing that heals

23:19 How can you trust that you made a difference?

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