From the mountains to the trees to the warm summer’s breeze, sometimes we just need our Mother Earth. Bringing nature into play therapy provides a wonderful opportunity to further regulate yourself and your client. But you don’t always have to be outside to benefit from nature’s nurturing tendencies. Join us as we explore the great outdoors once more!

1:51 Lisa introduces Rose LaPiere, LPC, RPT-S, ACS

2:30 Part 1 –Episode 26: Let Nature Be Your Co-Facilitator 

3:39 The health benefits of being in nature

4:24 Last Child in the Woods

7:00 How does nature help keep us healthy and regulated?

8:08 How can plants in the office or pictures of nature scenes help?

9:33 Nature sounds and regulation

12:00 Different sounds are regulating for different people

13:30 A playlist of sounds

18:15 Looking out the window as a way to regulate

19:30 How can we access nature when it’s not easily accessible?

20:59 Book of Nature Poetry

21:33 What are some examples of nature-based activities for children and families?

23:00 Preserving natures teaches children boundaries

24:30 Bringing nature into families who don’t like going outside

26:11 A nature-based scavenger hunt

27:25 Nature as a way to develop a regulatory capacity

28:00 Interoception and nature

29:59 How can you use nature to regulate yourself?

32:00 Exploring nature yourself allows you to connect children with nature

33:39 Nature in Play Therapy Training Retreat