I want to share a beautiful encounter that I had a couple of years ago … It was a grocery store visit that brought with it an unexpected gift. 

On this day, as I was finishing up my shopping, a young man about 20 years old walked past me. As he did, we both looked at each other and with immediate recognition we both stopped. It was one of those moments where you know you know this person and the feeling is mutual, but neither of you can figure out how.

Him: I think I know you.

Me: I think I know you too. What is your name?

He didn’t even have to get to his last name. As I heard him say his first name I immediately remembered him and I started to smile inside. The last time I saw him he was in my play therapy office – he wasn’t even a teenager yet.

And then he asked me my name.

Him: Lisa! I remember you! In fact, I was just telling someone about you last week.

And then he said the words that just melted my heart and reminded me why I started working with kids.

Him: Lisa, you were the first person in my life that ever helped me.

We both just stood there smiling at each other as he proceeded to catch me up on his life and his journey and how years later as a grown man he was still talking about and remembering our time together. 

The work we do is so impactful – remember that!  Don’t ever underestimate the power of the work you are doing in that playroom.  💕

-Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S

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