Wondering what bibliotherapy is or how to incorporate it in your client sessions? Lisa has invited another special guest to talk about using bibliotherapy with kids. Althea T. Simpson is the founder of Brighter Day Therapeutic Solutions and Unicorn Life Training. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor, Certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator, and host of the podcast Chronicles of a Play Therapist. She’s all about innovative solutions for mental health and her creativity has been such a blessing and inspiration to the play therapy field (thank you Althea!). 

In this episode, discover how all books can be therapeutic and the many ways to be creative in using bibliotherapy with your clients including: 

  • How bibliotherapy helps children find their way through psychological, emotional, and social problems;
  • How to choose books relevant to a client’s personal situation and developmental needs; 
  • How to use bibliotherapy through a Teletherapy platform; and
  • How to engage children in activities that help them reflect on what they read, including art-based expressions, LEGO, sand tray, journal writing, and group discussion.

Althea also shares some of the books that she loves to have in her playroom including the book she would have if she could only have one book. Plus, learn about her own recently published book – “Hurt to Healing: Child Witnesses of Domestic Violence and Their Invisible Injuries” and how it blended her professional and personal life experiences. 

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