Parents in the playroom can give even the most seasoned play therapists pause, leaving them feeling insecure and watched. But moms and dads are part of the healing package. Relying on the power of parents only enhances the power of play.

1:30 Lisa introduces the Lessons from the Playroom Podcast series

1:54 Many play therapists find that working with parents is the hardest part of play therapy

2:23 Intakes with the Brain in Mind

2:45 Parents in the playroom can bring out insecurities

4:00 Some theories of play therapy advocate for parents in the playroom and some do not

5:00 Deciding what is comfortable and congruent for you

6:30 The Importance of Studying Different Modalities

7:05 What is the goal for therapy?

8:30 Why would you need parents in the room? Why not?

11:00 What should you assess during the intake?

12:40 Creating a sense of safety for the child

13:00 Triggering and misattunement

14:45 Directive play versus non-directive

16:30 Filial Therapy

17:00 Training parents from a Synergetic Play Therapy perspective

18:00 Regulating parents so they can regulate the child

18:59 How do the four threats of the brain play a role?

20:30 What’s the parent’s own trauma history? How does this factor?

22:00 Working with parents every single session

24:00 How can you help kids understand the importance of involving their parents in the process?