Lessons from the Playroom
Podcast Ep. 160

Join Lisa Dion and Tracy Turner-Bumberry in this episode to explore the fascinating world of mandalas and their application in our work with children (… a super cool and likely unexplored tool in your clinical practice). In today’s conversation, Tracy will unravel the mystery behind mandalas and share her insights into their powerful use in therapy. 

Tracy is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Play Therapist/Supervisor. She brings a wealth of expertise to our discussion as a Certified AutPlay Trainer and Therapist, a Certified Animal Assisted Play Therapist, and a Certified DBT Therapist. Tracy is also a national speaker on a variety of play therapy topics and a published author with her notable book, “2,4,6,8 This is How We Regulate.”

Join Lisa and Tracy for a deep dive into the transformative magic of mandalas and learn about:

  • What a Mandala is, its multicultural roots, and the therapeutic power they hold for children and their families;
  • How Tracy uses terms such as “circle art” and “circle play” to demystify mandalas in the therapy process; 
  • How to embrace curiosity and playfulness in exploring circle play, focusing on the process and meaning;
  • Practical applications including templates and Tracy’s Wellness Mandala practice;
  • Adaptation of circle play for neurodivergent clients with emphasis on creation of a safe space;
  • Dos and don’ts of using Mandalas in therapy, emphasizing a child-led, non-interpretative approach;
  • Different ways to use Mandalas directively and non-directively, and with individual clients and with their families;
  • Ways to enrich the therapeutic process using music during circle play and the significance of creating a quiet, introspective space; 
  • Tracy’s insights into recurring themes in mandala creation, such as centering, use of color, ideas of completion or incompletion, and impermanence; and
  • The essence of the “safe circle” and its role in providing a sacred and protected space for authentic expression.

Tune in and uncover the magic of mandalas and their powerful application in the therapy process for our clients and their families. 💫

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