154. Honoring Boundaries for Deeper Connection & Relationship

Often, when we think about boundaries, we imagine a list of rules and restrictions like: you can’t do this, you can do this, and if you don’t do this, this is going to happen. [...]

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153. Jodi Mullen: When Sexualized Play Shows Up in the Playroom

To say that we’re excited for this conversation is an understatement because today’s topic is in the top three of the most requested topics since this podcast’s inception. We’ve been waiting [...]

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152. Gabriel Lomas: Working with Deaf Children in the Playroom

Lisa is joined by another very very special guest, Gabriel (Gabe) Lomas, to cover a topic that has never been addressed on this podcast (...and very rarely at a play therapy [...]

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151. Dee Ray: Multiculturalism in Play Therapy

Lisa Dion has with her an extraordinary guest, Dr. Dee Ray to talk about an incredibly important topic for us as play therapists, Multiculturalism in Play Therapy (...  if you don’t [...]

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150. Marshall Lyles: Ableism and Disablism in the Playroom

The beautiful Marshall Lyles is again joining Lisa Dion for another Lessons from the Playroom episode, but this time to talk about understanding Ableism and Disablism in the Playroom.  Marshall Lyles, [...]

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149. Annie Monaco: Welcoming Dissociation in the Playroom

In this episode, we’re talking about a topic that we’ve never discussed, but is such an important topic to our work as play therapists. And that is dissociation. To have this [...]

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148. Stacy Jagger: Helping Kids & Families Navigate Screen Time Balance

We’re so excited for this topic (...it’s definitely a hot topic) and the amazing guest that is joining Lisa. Stacy Jagger is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and Registered [...]

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147. Where We are Now as an Amazing Play Therapy Field!

Synergetic Play Therapy is celebrating 15 years 🎉 (... and Lisa is also celebrating her birthday this week 🥳) … And it’s a perfect time to reflect on this amazing field [...]

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146. Attunement: The Heart of the Therapeutic Relationship

Join Lisa to talk about attunement and how it is such an important part of the therapeutic relationship. But why is it that important you might ask … In our play [...]

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145. Rachel Altvater: Perspective: How We Come to See Ourselves, Others & The World

In this next Lessons from the Playroom episode, we’re going in a totally different direction. Lisa Dion has a very special guest to talk about perspective - a topic we often [...]

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