It can be so easy to assume we’ve seen or experienced something simply because it’s familiar.

And yet each encounter is never the same – you are not the same, it is not the same. Something is different, something has changed.

We often move so quickly that we rarely slow down enough to “see” and experience what is actually true in the moment. Instead, we make assumptions about what we think it is.

This is true for the people in our lives, places we’ve been, the objects we surround ourselves with, the ordinary experiences that fill our days, etc. In doing so, we miss what is right in front of us.

Let me give you an example … although it really can be anything or any experience in your life …

Last year, while visiting a place I’ve been going since my childhood, I found myself sitting on a rock that I’ve sat on a hundred times … but, here’s the thing … never had I sat on that day at that time. I was not the same as the last time I sat there – I looked different, I understood things differently, my attention was different, my inner world was different.

The rock wasn’t the same either- it too had changed. It had experienced more of life and had been influenced, shaped and transformed in new ways. The same was true for the view and the surroundings.

And herein lies the miraculous…

At that moment it was a new encounter. I got to meet this rock and this view and they got to meet me as if we had never been together before and that was truly extraordinary 💕

Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S

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