Synergetic Play Therapy is celebrating 15 years 🎉 (… and Lisa is also celebrating her birthday this week 🥳) … And it’s a perfect time to reflect on this amazing field of play therapy that we’re all a part of including where we started as a field and where we’re headed (…. yes, there will be a bit of predicting the future happening).

Join Lisa as she talks about the journey of the mental health field at large and how that has influenced the play therapy field … how we started with a focus on changing behaviors… then moving more deeply into an appreciation for the body and its importance in the healing process … the influence of neuroscience, interpersonal neurobiology, and the Polyvagal Theory … a greater understanding of the role of the therapist and the therapist’s contribution to the healing process (… you are the most important toy in the playroom after all) … and where Lisa thinks we’re headed as a field (hint: it has to do with the role of mind and perception and science).

This is one episode you’re not going to want to miss!

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And thank you to all of our listeners!  We’re nearing one million downloads and, whether you started out with us in 2017 when we launched this podcast or only just recently found your way here, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have you as part of our weekly conversations and journey. Sending love and gratitude to you all! 💕

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