The other thing I know with certainty is that the very thing I’m afraid of is precisely the direction I need to go. My brain likes to tell me otherwise or more accurately, likes to yell at me otherwise. But I’m wiser than the fear.

It starts with admitting I’m afraid.

For me, it means telling someone and starting to talk about it. It means upping my mindfulness to watch the storyline and allowing myself to move towards the discomfort in my body.

It means quit avoiding. It means taking a seat and feeling what is trying to be revealed.

And sometimes it means me pulling out a piece of paper, writing them out, looking them right in the eyes and uncovering their hidden blessings.

Each fear I write down is pure gold if I allow myself to see it as such because each one holds a greater truth and gift for me to see.

So here I go …

Hello fears…. Let’s become friends.

Where are you feeling stuck right now? What are the fears holding you back? Let’s reflect together.

Much love on the journey!  💜

Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S

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